Wine pouring device manufacturer: function and use method of wine pouring device

2022-02-15 354

Function and characteristics of wine pouring device

1. In the process of pouring red wine, the function of the wine pouring device is to drain the wine and control the flow of the wine. Some wine pouring devices have drip rings to prevent the red wine from leaking.

2. The wine pouring device can play the role of instant sobering.

3. The wine pouring device is small in size and easy to carry.

4. The raw material is food grade PC silicone material, which is economical and practical.

5. Each type of wine pouring device is exquisite in design, and most of them conform to the standard wine bottle mouth.


How to use the wine pouring device

The use of the wine pouring device is very simple. As long as the clean wine pouring device is inserted in the mouth of the bottle, the wine can be poured from a slightly oblique point of view, and the effect of decanting can be achieved at the same time.

The wine pouring device is especially suitable for people who seldom pour wine. Think about it. In the wine cellar of the club, even if you have not poured wine, as long as you use the wine pouring device, your wine pouring posture can be very elegant, and you won't spill the wine out of the wine cup, or show obedience when pouring wine, so you can easily dress up in front of handsome men and women.

Source: wine pouring machine manufacturer